23 JOBS OF THE FUTURE (and jobs that have no future)

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For itchy pets

For itchy pets

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Omg that'spretty funny I wanna try this lol I wanna do it it looks so much fun lol

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Many classics from the East coast nyc esp. during the 90s.When this region of music was underrated and smoke screened by gangster rap and "g funk". .brooklyn nyc anthem right here!!!!! Church bells..atlantic avenue!!!! Bring back the dodgers!!! Rebuild ebbets field!!!!

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They fucked up ROYALLY with Alicia Vikander.

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Wait..you mean not just anybody can get in?

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If you miss ship's movement they'll fly you in on the 1st supply helo then throw you in the brigg three days bread and water only.

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How drill bits are made


Omg. It looks so tasty. Too bad I live in Germany..

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Absolutely LOVE this. However, why do they say that the Ranger made his mask from his dead brother's vest? TONTO made it!! I saw him do it in the first film...lol. But I've seen that said more than once, and it puzzled me. Just love the way Tonto holds off the whole crowd of racist jerks in here!! Go Tonto!!

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Amazing....lots of love from nepal


Adobe ?XD

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Yet President Trump spend days with infected ministers and tests negetive for (COVID !9 ) and also his vice President . Yea so what is going on with Trump. Have they being given the Vaccine. just wondering?



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Iam relay form EGYPT


I need to go to the tree house hotel


The paradox of warfare spreading the virus is unbearable


The way Saf looks at him is so cute.

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Liberals: "illegal pools? Get em"

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By slim chance, next time u visit Hk i hope we could meet!!


Is there a Ronald Moore here?

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so damn good. props to both masta ace and koolade,track is dope

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This is impossible

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Been to this ride w/ my friends, was a Feild trip, all I was sayin’ OOOOO YEEEEE FUCK YE O YES YES mah friends were like AAAAAAAAAAAAAA TF IS WRONG W/ YOU

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Putin told Trump to deny the virus??


I think you guys were looking for this part 1:08